94% of employees’ survey responses confirmed Saigon Technology — the leading software outsourcing and offshoring company in Vietnam, as the “Great Place To Work.”

Great Place to Work is the solitary program provider that provides certification for corporate workplaces in over 60 countries. Since 1992, Great Place To Work has been the data scientist behind Fortune magazine’s 100 Best Companies to work with. Applying rigorous methodology, Great Place To Work collects and evaluates employee feedback and certifies businesses that have built a high trust, care, and support for employees for best performance at work.

After more than 2 weeks of surveying according to the regulations of Great Place To Work, from 26/09/2022–10/10/2022, more than 250 employees participated, Saigon Technology has been certified as the Best Place to Work — “Great Place To Work” with 94% positive feedback on the working environment and employee care welfare policies (click here to view the result). This is a testament to Saigon Technology’s persistent efforts in maintaining sustainable development and revenue growth, constantly improving human resource policies to improve employees’ material and spiritual life, and contributing to the overall development of the community and society.

Established in 7/2012, with more than 10 years of experience in providing software Outsourcing, Development, and Offshoring services and resources of more than 350 engineers and complete management processes, Saigon Technology is currently an Agile expert and one of the leading Outsourcing companies in Vietnam. Possessing impressive software outsourcing and development projects in the international market, Saigon Technology’s partners and customers span all continents, from startups to complex cross-platform systems for large enterprises in many fields: E-finance, e-business, Transportation, Logistics, Healthcare, Communication,…

At Saigon Technology, all opinions are heard, and all efforts are recognized. All employees are given the best conditions and opportunities to improve and develop their full potential, join in international projects, promote their careers, and grow daily with Saigon Technology.

With the goal of achieving a number of 1,000 employees and a revenue of 40,000,000 USD by 2025, Saigon Technology is committed to creating a fair and healthy working environment for the personal development of all employees, developing an understanding and thoughtful human resource policy, many diverse activities to connect so that employees feel this is their second home.

Mr. Pham Tien Thanh, General Director of Saigon Technology, shared: “This is the achievement of all employees at Saigon Technology. We have just celebrated the 10th anniversary of Saigon Technology with pride and emotion about a journey of many ups and downs. Throughout that journey, we have chosen and stuck to our people-centered strategy among the countless decisions. Thanks to that choice, Saigon Technology has robust human resources, always ready to face difficulties and seize new opportunities to reach its current stature. With this “Great Place To Work” certification, I believe that this is not only an opportunity to show the achievements of human resource development working environment with world friends and potential candidates but will definitely be a springboard for Saigon Technology to go further on the journey of bringing Vietnam’s Software Outsourcing and Development services. internationally worthy.”

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