Offshore Mobile Application Development — Main Trends and Tendencies

The expansion of contemporary technology, which includes a plethora of mobile items that improve people’s lives, has made the need for mobile development a mainstream concern. However, finding solutions to the problem of a lack of skilled mobile engineers is not easy. There has been a very uniform dispersal of IT professionals across areas, continents, and nations.

In order to identify and form a team of competent engineers, many companies are turning to offshore mobile application development. They are free to hire a mobile app developer from any country in the world, from Asia to a major European powerhouse. The offshore mobile developers at Saigon Technology have received a number of projects with the following needs, primary trends, and trends for 2022.

Top Trends of Offshore Mobile Application Development

#1 Mobile App Development Trend — Super apps

Simply said, super applications are capable of meeting a wide range of user wants and difficulties via the integration of several functions. The mobile app market has progressed beyond the practice of developing a single app to meet the demands of a single user. Notably, there is a constituency market for a broad range of internal and external services and goods.

A single app — a single user — has a plethora of built-in functions, which are the primary features and duties of super applications. Food delivery, online shopping, delivery, messaging and phoning between users, financial demands, or handling purchasing concert or movie tickets are examples of such features or services.

  • Dominant Super Apps Worldwide: LINE, Grab, WeChat, etc.

#2 Mobile App Development Trend — 5G Revolution

Estimates suggest that by 2025, 5G connections will account for 40% of all European connections and 15% of all mobile connections globally. It’s just a matter of time until the general public experiences the effects of the 5G revolution.

Significantly, 5G is anticipated to be the driving force behind cutting-edge technologies because of its high throughput, big storage capacity, and low latency. It can be said that commercial expansion needs fast information transmission speed, and 5G technology can do that for businesses to optimize.

  • Dominant 5G Use Cases Worldwide: Smart City, Autonomous vehicles, 5G-powered drones, etc.

#3 Mobile App Development Trend — Mobile Learning

M-learning, also known as mobile learning, is defined as “learning across numerous settings by means of social and material exchanges via the use of personal digital devices.” The offshore mobile developers have personalized each user’s educational experience using AI tools. Based on the user’s current level of knowledge, the software tailors the topics they are asked.

Therefore, it is reasonable to expect that mobile learning will continue to be the most popular use case for offshore mobile application development throughout 2022 and beyond. There wasn’t as much focus on streamlining the mobile experience years ago, thus material was often created with desktops in consideration and then ported over to phones and tablets as an afterthought.

  • Dominant Mobile Learning Examples: Duolingo, EdPlus, etc.

Learn more: Mobile App Development Services at Saigon Technology

#4 Mobile App Development Trend — Peer-to-peer Apps

One prominent factor that will influence the mobile app development market in 2022 is the rise of peer-to-peer mobile applications. Users may do things like monthly payments, online shopping, money transfers, and more via P2P payment applications.

Specifically, by utilizing a credit card or bank account linked to the app, users of P2P apps may send money to others. In other words, this convenient integration helps enterprises to conduct international trade, expand their market, foster deeper relationships with their customers and cut out the need for expensive intermediaries.

  • Dominant P2P App Examples: PayPal, Venmo, etc.

#5 Mobile App Development Trend — Voice Tech to Rise

The term “voice recognition” describes the capacity of certain equipment to listen for and process spoken commands. Speech-activated gadgets and search queries are now possible thanks to advancements in voice recognition techniques.

And it is not unforeseen that this speech technology is progressively getting more lucrative as a result of mobile customers’ increased desire to seek and obtain info. As the leading offshore mobile app development company in Vietnam, Saigon Technology recognizes more and more requirements from customers related to this technology, in industries such as healthcare, education, fintech, and m-Commerce, to name a few.

  • Dominant Voice Recognition Tech Examples: Carrefour, BBVA, etc.

Top 2 Tendencies of Offshore Mobile Application Development

#1 Mobile App Development Tendency — Data Security Enhanced

More and more platforms and apps appear, which also means that there will be more risks involved. In particular, the biggest and most worrying risk is still data security. Some businesses fear that their data and commercial secrets may be stolen if they outsource.

According to the Mobile Security Report 2021 published by Check Point Software, nearly every single enterprise in the world was targeted by mobile malware at a certain stage in the development of the previous year. Therefore, according to Saigon Technology — a prominent offshore mobile app development company in Pacific Asia, one of the most important tendencies in offshore mobile app development will be improved cyber protection for distributed teams.

#2 Mobile App Development Tendency — Collaboration Tools to Expand

Many groups have found success in recent years thanks to the help of collaboration tools. And these initiatives have gradually become a new tendency in the offshore mobile app development market.

Software designed to facilitate popular cooperation within a team is becoming. Which, more flexible scheduling, more proactive time management, more convenient sharing of information, and more effective communication are among the great purposes of these collaboration tools.




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