Exploring the Evolving Landscape of Outsourcing: Industry Insight

Saigon Technology
5 min readJan 31, 2023

Outsourcing has become an increasingly popular practice within the software industry, and software outsourcing companies are experiencing a steady rise in demand. IT outsourcing is becoming one of the critical keys for businesses to remain competitive in this ever-evolving digital world.

When it comes to software development, outsourcing can provide numerous advantages to organizations that leverage the right software outsourcing company. By outsourcing software development to a software outsourcing company, businesses can access a larger talent pool of software developers with highly specialized skills and experience. This helps them deliver projects more quickly and successfully while ensuring that the cost is kept at a minimum.

Vietnam has become an increasingly popular destination for software outsourcing companies. This is due to the fact that software developers in Vietnam possess the technical knowledge and software engineering skills required to build software solutions that meet customer demands.

Moreover, software outsourcing companies in Vietnam are able to provide competitive prices for software development services, helping businesses save significantly on their software development costs. These companies have extensive experience working with software development projects of varying sizes and complexity, allowing businesses to benefit from their expertise.

So how are outsourcing practices changing?

Business continuity is now at the center of outsourcing relations

The software outsourcing industry has seen a significant shift in the past few years. Business continuity is now at the center of software development and software outsourcing relations as software companies are focusing on long-term success rather than short-term gains. Software Outsourcing Companies have also begun to realize that business continuity is an essential component of software development and software projects.

To ensure business continuity, software outsourcing companies now provide software maintenance and software support services such as software bug fixing, software upgrades, software updates, software security patching, and much more. This helps organizations keep their software solutions up-to-date and ensures that they don’t experience unexpected downtime or outages.

Focus on talent retention

Another key trend that is gaining momentum is the focus on talent retention. This involves software companies ensuring that they retain their software development teams by providing competitive salaries, benefits, and training opportunities. By investing in software development talent, software outsourcing companies can ensure that their team members are highly skilled and motivated to deliver successful software projects.

Offshore companies are also focusing on software development process improvement by introducing agile software development methods and software automation. Agile software development helps software teams collaborate effectively, deliver projects faster and reduce software maintenance costs. Software automation also helps software companies reduce operational costs by reducing the amount of manual labor required for software development projects. This allows software companies to maintain a profitable software development business.

Sustainable outsourcing gains unmatched popularity

Sustainable software development and software outsourcing have gained immense popularity in the software industry in recent years. It helps software teams reduce their carbon footprint by using greener software development techniques. Software companies have also begun to focus on ethical software outsourcing practices such as fair wages, safe workspaces, and employee welfare programs to ensure that software developers are adequately compensated for their services.

Software companies are now taking steps to ensure that software development and software outsourcing is socially responsible and environmentally friendly. This helps software outsourcing companies build trust with their clients and establish a positive reputation in the software industry.

Outsourcing embraces the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The software industry has embraced the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and software outsourcing companies are now focused on providing solutions that leverage emerging technologies such as cloud computing, AI, machine learning, blockchain, and IoT. This allows software companies to deliver more agile, secure, and cost-effective software solutions.

Outsourcing security to MSPs to gain prominence

Software companies are also outsourcing software security to managed service providers (MSPs) to ensure that their software solutions remain secure and compliant with industry standards. MSPs have the experience and expertise needed to secure software solutions and provide remediation services should a software security incident occur. By outsourcing software security to MSPs, software companies can focus on software development and software innovation.

5G Internet network to gain popularity

Software companies are also taking advantage of 5G internet networks to provide IT solutions that are faster and more reliable. 5G technology offers software teams increased bandwidth, reduced latency, and improved reliability, which makes software solutions more efficient. By leveraging 5G internet networks, software development teams can deliver software projects faster and with fewer errors.

Internet of Things (IoT) to become mainstream

The software industry is also embracing the Internet of Things (IoT). This technology allows software solutions to be connected to a network of devices and sensors and provides software teams with new insights into customer behavior. IoT technology can help IT companies better understand their customers’ needs and deliver software solutions that are tailored to their specific needs.

Cloud computing to become more popular

Cloud computing is also gaining popularity in software development. Cloud computing allows software teams to access powerful software development tools and applications without purchasing expensive software licenses. This allows software companies to reduce software development costs and increase their profits.

Co-sourcing gains popularity

Software companies are also turning to software co-sourcing as a way to reduce software development costs and improve productivity. Co-sourcing allows software teams to access the skills and expertise of software developers from different software outsourcing companies. This helps software teams complete software projects faster and with fewer errors. By leveraging experienced software engineers from software outsourcing companies, software teams can save time and money while still delivering high-quality software solutions.

Process automation with AI and bots

Software Outsourcing Companies are also taking advantage of process automation with AI and bots to reduce operational costs. This helps software companies reduce software development costs while delivering software solutions faster. Automation also helps software teams streamline the software development process and ensure that software projects are completed on time and within budget.


Clearly, software outsourcing practices are changing as software companies move towards more sustainable software development and embrace new technologies such as 5G internet networks and the Internet of Things. By taking advantage of these technologies, software companies can deliver software solutions faster, more efficiently, and with greater security. Furthermore, software companies can focus on software development and innovation rather than security. Ultimately, software companies can use outsourcing to gain a competitive advantage in the software industry. Saigon Technology is a software outsourcing company in Vietnam that offers reputable services in software outsourcing.