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( Team at Saigon Technology Solutions. )

In this article, the top software development company in Vietnam, Saigon Technology shares its valuable insights and profound knowledge of building a comprehensive and award-winning software product from scratch and establishing an effective development process.

Startups App Development Key Factors

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These days, almost everyone has an idea for the perfect app, the app that could make a difference — at least to their minds. However, as with many, those with brilliant ideas are often stumped as to where to start.

In order to address this problem, here is a small but complete guide to building a mobile application startup to help get you started. …

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NET Core isn’t a new technology but despite everything, it is still wide-spread today. This is a popular web development framework for building web applications running on the .NET platform. NET Core is the open-source version of ASP.NET, that functions on macOS, Linux, and Windows.

With the .NET framework, you can create plenty of applications spanning from inventory and warehouse apps, accounting systems, CRM platforms to sites, XML web services, and mobile apps. Usually, this framework is associated with a principle of the so-called 3S: Scalability, Security, and Stability. …

The mobile app is now more than just an expenditure, it’s a profitable investment. Mobile apps can assist businesses in many business operations such as customer care, customer service and follow-up orders, accompany customers on the path of health care, convenient online payment, or simply to create prismatic colors photographed extremely beautifully for a more colorful life…

Amidst the ever-increasing demand of the technology market, getting a great idea is really valuable; However, it is not easy to find a service provider who is responsible for turning those wonderful ideas into reality. …

Quan Vo (App Developer) Methodology

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Table of Contents

1. Why mobile DevOps?

2. Automate your mobile app development lifecycle

3. Live update your app with CodePush

Why mobile DevOps?

Unlike other platforms, mobile is a unique environment which requires comprehensive knowledge of the development lifecycle.

Before CI/CD, mobile developers must handle many tedious works in order to deliver the app to user devices. Therefore, adopting mobile DevOps process is a game changer in the world of mobile development. It ensures smooth operations by allowing all teams to execute assigned tasks within the shortest time possible.

This article focuses on how to setup a…

(Ho Chi Minh City, April 25, 2020) Organised by the Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA), the annual Sao Khue Announcement and Awards Ceremony took place for the 17th time in Hanoi, with the presence of more than 100 enterprises, service providers and software solutions vendors throughout Vietnam.

Firstly took place in 2003, Sao Khue is an award that is held to honor businesses, teams and individuals who have outstanding achievements, contributing to the development of Vietnam in the digitalization period. With 17 years of tradition, Sao Khue is considered the most reliable and professional evaluation award of the…

Dr. Wei Kiong Tan, CEO of TechTIQ Solutions Pte.

Our lives are becoming much more convenient and advanced thanks to the software, which allows us to manipulate everything quickly without manual power. Technology has been developing day by day, software companies are also increasingly expanding and giving customers many unique technological ideas. The intensive technology development sector is now the leading creative sector of developed countries’ economies.

As a business owner, we are all eager to capture the market tastes and understand our customers, in order to provide our customers with the best quality and service. However, the digital era…

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There is need an increasing demand for software development necessitating the need to utilize offshore software development due to availability of a less strained technical expertise at comparatively cheaper rates. Some of the factors one has to look for when choosing an offshore software development team include cultural and language compatibility, economic climate, the pool of labor, political environment and legal and global maturity. We look at offshore software development rates by country to help you make a more informed decision when choosing an offline software development provider. When choosing an offshore software development company, you should look at the…

Changing technological trends tend to take a drastic turn in the 21st century especially in the advertising fields.
This includes website development and marketing strategies. There are additional claims and tutors to renown than any other phase in modern retention, infinite affluence management, and numerous programming idioms. This comes as an impossibility to be managed by one person or even a company agency due to the limitation of skills and expertise. The handy outcome of this situation is outsourcing a quota or all of the web development project.

Below are guides that would aid when planning to outsource a project…

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